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Worldwide Nepalese Students' Organisation Sri Lanka!

Welcome to WNSO Sri Lanka !

Our gratitude's and compliments are due to all the visitors. WNSO Sri Lanka is a member of WNSO, an umbrella has been set up around the globe with the sole aim to extend massive assistance to the students who are eager to step their feet for study abroad.

In order to prevail elegant atmosphere forum as well as it's site it always expect whole-hearted assistance from the core of your heart.

Would you please spare a little of your precious time to browse as well as to drop any sort of comments, suggestion in WNSO Sri Lanka on regular basis for which we will be highly obliged, delighted and indebted too.

WNSO Sri Lanka Team
Email: infolanka@wnso.org
Forum: http://chautari.wnso.org

01-01-2002: The birth date of Worldwide Nepalese Students' Organisation, Sri Lanka, before it, we were unkwon to the world but today we are altogether in the Nepalese heaven with all Nepalese students and people from all around the world and we are always in the Netto providing something for you or to sparing something with you from the beautiful spot of an Indian Ocean - Sri Lanka.

Now...it's time to make a wish for everyone by everyone!

WNSO Sri Lanka Group We Nepalese guys in this island, we mostly would like to visit to each other and have daily a simple get-together. We are very few number of students here in Sri Lanka but having a lots of good days with each other as well as self course and study too. You can say to us just like a family, if fact not less than family. At every weekend, we would like to go beaches, Botonical gardens, Anuradhapura (A historical place of Sri Lanka), and Kandy's Amusement center. Somewhen if we have no enough time to visit to these places then we would like to join our favorite spot Kandy (students meet point). Hehehe days are going very well here. There is no problem to gathering because we are just 25 - 30 Nepalese students here. Anytime, we can be joined altogether.

From the very beginning once in a month, we used to go Kala pani also. Kala Pani is an Indian island and very near from Sri Lanka. Kala Pani is really a beautiful picnic spot. Now a days, Kala Pani is very famous for tourists.

And of course, we would like to join Sri Lankan villagers, friends and their families also. Sri Lankans are very peace minded people and all time wonders for good friendship. Our culture, society and living life style is also same, therefore, we can understand to each other easily. There is nothing any difference between Sri Lankans and Nepalese except country. Otherwise, everything is similar to Nepal.

For more informations about WNSO and Nepalese students, you can visit here or here

You always remember this estimate educational plateform.www.wnso.org

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